Swella’s Ville: We’re Creating a Movement!

Who are we?

We’re community members creating a new future, where people once again take pride
in the Lincoln Way West Corridor neighborhood.

We carry the legacy of our ancestors and the dreams of our children as our guide.

We’re working to build a revitalized business and entertainment district,
and to bring affordable housing to all.

We’re proud to be a part
of the Lincoln Way West Corridor community.

We celebrate the tradition
of serving our friends
and neighbors with real, tangible action.

What We Do

We organize projects and community. We provide opportunities for civic pride and economic advancement. We are working to create new housing, businesses, and opportunities for everyone.

We need
YOUR support
to do this important work!

Our Swella’s Ville Board needs your help as a volunteer, supporter, or intern. Contact us to learn more.

CEO and Founder of Swella’s Ville, Consuella Hopkins, shares our vision and mission.

Have Questions? Get in Touch!

Swella’s Ville
Headquarters at: Consuella’s Accounting & Tax Firm
2217 Lincoln Way West, South Bend, IN 46628

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