About Us

Our Mission Statement

Swella’s Ville was created in honor of the vision Consuella Hopkins holds in memory of the gentle force that was her great grandmother, Minnie Lee Perry. Minnie Lee lived out the values of: neighborly living, pride in family and community, personal dignity, and humility with integrity and grace. Consuella, known as “Swella” by her friends and family carries on these values as her legacy today, and that is why her family urged her to call this endeavor Swella’s Ville—because our mission carries on these values to the next generation and beyond.

Our mission statement is POWER. POWER stands for: Purposeful Opportunities Working Economic Revitalization.

We keep the memory of Minnie Lee Perry and the inspiration of Consuella as we work to build purposeful Swella’s Ville communities that provide housing and opportunities on the foundation of hard work and economic revitalization to areas in need.

Minnie Lee Perry

Our Founder

Consuella Hopkins

Consuella Hopkins, has been the owner of Consuella’s Accounting & Tax Firm for over 25 years. She is a Community Redeveloper, a board member for the South Bend Heritage Foundation, Neighborhood Resources Corporation, Lincolnway West & Revitalization Committee. Hopkins also serves on the board for the Economic Development Committee and Venues, Parks and Arts for the City of South Bend. She was honored at this year’s Black History Month Awards, and was named WUBS 89.7FM Person of the Year in 2017.

Consuella had the idea for Swella’s Ville shortly after she and her husband purchased a home in the neighborhood. Consuella grew up admiring the place, with its meticulously manicured lawn. As she sat on the front porch watching the sunset and remembering the care people took in maintaining the properties around her in her childhood, she saw a vision. Looking around her, at the run down houses and lawns with scattered toys and trash, she began to see a new future where people once again took pride in their neighborhood. Consuella knew that she could help make this a reality. She could show people how to be good stewards of their lives—after all, she’d been helping people with their finances for over 20 years—and teach them how to maintain their properties. She knew that investing in the area would improve the situation for so many, so she began to plan Swella’s Ville. What if there was a community gathering center, a garden, and a park? What about a community cleanup day? Her mind filled with ideas and she began to take action. Now, things are falling into place and the vision is beginning to come to life! That’s why Swella’s Ville is so important. Children like Consuella will grow up with those same memories of living in a place where the adults took pride in their neighborhood and gave them a sense of security, a sense of dignity, and a sense of hope. Let’s make it happen!

Consuella and her family.
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